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Welcome to the Avec Dance Club spring season!

More information about the course lenghts, prices and how to register can be found on the official Avec site, which will be published at the end of October or early November. Registration to the courses starts on 5.11.2022.

The link to Avec site will be added here once it's published.


9.1.-25.5. // 18 x 85 min

Registrations directly with a partner or via wait-list if without a partner.


Mon at 17:00-18:25

RUEDA blue

Mon at 18:35-20:00

On the blue level we focus on developing further the most important basic pillars, movement on the floor, combinations and musicality.

We start smoothly, but week by week the rueda snowball gets faster and crazier, all while having fun! Previous experience with rueda is necessary, even if limited to a few classes.

CUBAN SALSA green/alkeet

Mon at 20:10-21:35

We will begin from the very foundations, no previous experience is needed! The goal is to learn the basics and get to have fun on the dance floor.


Thu at 17:00-18:25

More fun and awesome things into your salsa technique! We will also try out some of the dance styles that connect strongly with salsa, and add those elements into our salsa styling. Level is good for anyone with at least one full season of active solo technique training, if you have other experience with salsa as well (like previous partner dancing classes)


Thu at 18:35-20:00


Thu at 20:10-21:35

Let's do this! On the red level we dive deeper into all the aspects of salsa: from styling to the connection with your partner, and from combinations to musicality as well.

For those deep into rueda already, who want more challenges and experimentality, without forgetting the fun of rueda! The directions and movements of rueda need to be very familiar to both leaders and followers, and we will also try out some exciting different forms of rueda during the season.

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