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RuedX, short for Rueda Exchange, is an event where groups from many countries (cities) are invited to a host city for a series of workshops taught by instructors from those groups. Ethan Wagner came up with that wonderful idea! RuedX weekends are a fun way to share our knowledge and passion for Rueda; to travel, dance, and make new friends; to strengthen the Rueda community in Europe and around the world; and to keep growing and evolving from traditional Rueda.

To our RuedX in Helsinki we invited innovative Cantantes and groups from all over Europe with a maximum of 4 people per group. We really want to work on new ideas together, try them and see what works and what doesn’t. We don't want to compete with festivals but to put the exchange character in the centre of attention. The people we invited are multipliers who will hopefully bring the ideas back to their Rueda communities.



With only 30-40 attendees, there's a lot of time to exchange between individual people and groups from all over Europe!


Two full days of exchanging ideas and three parties, mostly in the same location!


As the groups are of limited sizes, there's time to really dive into any experimental and new ideas everyone brings to the table!



RuedX Helsinki will be 35 € / person, including all the parties, studio use and fruits, coffee & other small snacks during the daytime. The location is Avec Dance Club, which is co-owned by one of the organizers, hence the low price.




18-23 Party // Social Fridays party at Avec Dance Club (18-23)


10-16:30 // Workshops & labs

Party // TBA (we are working in coordination with another major event organizer)


11-17:30 // Workshops & labs

17:30-?? // Casual RuedX hang-around at Avec, with food, drinks and dancing.



Avec Dance Club / Sturenkatu 27, Helsinki

  • Two dance rooms, with a sound-proof wall that can be opened to combine the rooms.

  • Great sound system and 2 mics per room.

  • 24/7 grocery store in the same building.


The studio is easy to reach from most parts of Helsinki:

4-day AB zone ticket is 20€/person

There is a hostel in the same building (Cheap Sleep Helsinki) as well!

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